Made for MSPs, exclusively.

GlobalDash is the NOC-go-to tool to take smart, fast, effective tech moves.

It aggregates via API in ONE dashboard all the alerts generated by the many instruments that MSPs use to do a good job, triaging them by severity.

Blinking is not a whim

Keep an eye on all your alerts, from ONE dashboard!

We know how it is; alerts are just like toddlers. You cannot take your eyes off them. In a matter of minutes, you can miss something important and kiss your SLA goodbye. Why upset your client when you can keep everything under control without any more stress?

Globaldash brings together all the recurring and flapping alerts generated by the most common monitoring and management tools.

The devil is in the details.

The tool that you were waiting for


Globaldash datacenter is EU based, GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant.


Each tech can see the Globaldash they need based on role and responsibility.


This allows access to more than one person at the same time.


Pay as you go or save with annual billing. No strings attached.


Each alert is linked to the source that generated it.


Pick your favorite sources and assemble your own Globaldash.

Integration is the key

The best of the MSP ecosystem, integrated


You’ll be able to see everything that Auvik is monitoring for you at a glance.


Receive an alert every time your users’ credentials are recognized on the dark web.

Datto rmm

OFFICIAL INTEGRATION! Keep all alerts generated daily by your RMM under control.

Kaseya VSA

Sort all incoming alerts from Kaseya VSA by gravity.


Get all alerts on blacklists, smtp, tcp and http regarding the monitored domains.

Office 365

Detects service interruptions announced by Microsoft. Monitor the status of your Office 365 services.


Tracks detected threats, active sites and the number of activated licenses. Endpoint protection at a glance.

Datto bcdr

Keep an eye on your backup jobs’ status, with Globaldash alerts you’ll be able to take quick action.

It Glue

Receive all the alerts related to your deadlines (licenses, warranties, domains, flexible assets).


Keep an eye on your list of quarantined items.


Collect and visualize all the data coming from your probes and sensors, organized by the severity you chose.


A full triage of your alerts completely automated. Just a few clicks to set it and you will have a virtual assistant working for you.










when choosing your plan think about the current and future needs of your company.

1 EUR = ~ 0,86 GBP = ~ 1,22 USD

Still undecided about which monitoring and management tools you want to use?



Daniel Florean

ADPC The integration between Auvik and Global Dash makes my staff more proactive and better reacting, saving energies and time (For me, as an owner, time IS money). Speaking of savings, one major cool functionality of the Global Dash is that every alert is linked to the source that is generating it. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Andrea Monguzzi

Flexxa Thanks to a simple and intuitive layout it only takes a quick look to identify the kind of alert, the severity, the device and the client involved. The result is a prompt intervention from our team and the respect of the SLA that we guarantee our clients. The development roadmap is full and interesting, thanks to a continuous improvement and growth coming from what partners really need. What would we do without it? Never mind… we got it!

Mauro Brunello

Co-Owner – Infotre

Integrating Globaldash with Auvik Network, RMM data, and other security tools we made our life easier and got a more holistic awareness. By grouping hundreds of alerts generated everyday by all the devices within the network, Globaldash makes us more proactive and separates really important alerts from all the background noise.


Frequently Asked  Questions

What does Data Source mean?

By ” Data Source ” we refer to any external platform that is integrated or can be integrated with Globaldash. A data source is each of the tools whose alerts you decide to display on Globaldash. Datto RMM, Auvik, Webroot etc… they are all Data Source.

What does Administrator mean?

The Administrator is an user profile that is responsible for configuring the data sources, assigning permissions and creating credentials for Power Users.

Who is the Customer on Globaldash?

Each of your customers that is present on your Data Source and whose alerts you will see on Globaldash. The Customer also has the possibility to access Globaldash directly and see their own alerts only.

How many client can I manage with Globaldash?

All the customers you monitor through your Data Source. There is no upper or lower limit. What is available on your integrated data sources will be visible on Globaldash.

Is it a secure system?

Yes, it is a secure system.

  • API calls are transmitted to your Globaldash via HTTPS protocol (We do not accept integration with Data sources that release public API).
  • Globaldash is a PaaS service that relies on a Datacenter located in Italy, ISO 270001 certified, Tier4 and GDPR compliant.
  • We do not collect or store any data.

Who can change my source's settings?

Only you and only directly on your source platform. You cannot make changes via Globaldash. Globadash is a read-only tool, it mirrors what you have configured on your Data Source.

What does Power User mean?

A Power User is an user profile without any administrative permissions. It also benefits from an alert display tailored to its role. For example: a technician specializing in business continuity security will only be able to see alerts related to the data source concerned. Or: a technician who only manages a specific set of clients will be able to see only the alerts of the clients he is directly supervising.

I already have a PSA, is Globaldash suitable for me anyway?

Yes, it is. Globaldash and PSAs are designed to work side by side and do not override each other. Through Globaldash you have an immediate insight into what is happening on your clients’ systems. Through your PSA you can manage your tasks.

How many alerts can I manage with Globaldash?

All the alerts that will be triggered by your Data Source. There is no upper or lower limit. What is logged by your integrated Data Source will be visible on Globaldash.

How does Globaldash interface with my data sources?

Globaldash makes API calls to each integrated Data Source at a regular rate. All the calls are read-only, Globaldash does not make any changes to the sources.

Who can access my Globaldash?

Only you and your team members with whom you decide to share Administrator credentials or to whom you grant Power User access. Passwords are encrypted.

Who can help me in case of technical problems?

Our support team is at your service both when setting up your Globaldash and when using the platform. We cannot intervene directly on issues related to the sources as we do not have access to the platforms but we can guide you in the troubleshooting and identification of the cause of any problems.

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