By " Data Source " we refer to any external platform that is integrated or can be integrated with Globaldash. A data source is each of the tools whose alerts you decide to display on Globaldash.

Datto RMM, Auvik, Webroot etc... they are all Data Source.

The Administrator is an user profile that is responsible for configuring the data sources, assigning permissions and creating credentials for Power Users.

A Power User is an user profile without any administrative permissions. It also benefits from an alert display tailored to its role.

For example: a technician specializing in business continuity security will only be able to see alerts related to the data source concerned.

Or: a technician who only manages a specific set of clients will be able to see only the alerts of the clients he is directly supervising.

Each of your customers that is present on your Data Source and whose alerts you will see on Globaldash. The Customer also has the possibility to access Globaldash directly and see their own alerts only.

All the alerts that will be triggered by your Data Source. There is no upper or lower limit. What is logged by your integrated Data Source will be visible on Globaldash.

All the customers you monitor through your Data Source. There is no upper or lower limit. What is available on your integrated data sources will be visible on Globaldash.

Yes, it is. Globaldash and PSAs are designed to work side by side and do not override each other. Through Globaldash you have an immediate insight into what is happening on your clients' systems. Through your PSA you can manage your tasks.

Globaldash makes API calls to each integrated Data Source at a regular rate. All the calls are read-only, Globaldash does not make any changes to the sources.

Yes, it is a secure system.
API calls are transmitted to your Globaldash via HTTPS protocol (We do not accept integration with Data sources that release public API). Globaldash is a PaaS service that relies on a Datacenter located in Italy, ISO 270001 certified, Tier4 and GDPR compliant. We do not collect or store any data.

Only you and only directly on your source platform. You cannot make changes via Globaldash. Globadash is a read-only tool, it mirrors what you have configured on your Data Source.

Only you and your team members with whom you decide to share Administrator credentials or to whom you grant Power User access. Passwords are encrypted.

Our support team is at your service both when setting up your Globaldash and when using the platform.
We cannot intervene directly on issues related to the sources as we do not have access to the platforms but we can guide you in the troubleshooting and identification of the cause of any problems.